Formula Design Build, LLC, believes in the global “green initiative” and strives to provide it on a more personal, understandable level – one residence at a time.
We understand that there has been a lot of hype recently regarding the “green” movement. While some of the concepts are hard to define, and others are hard to understand because it seems like one individual or one household could never make a dent in all of the disruption, we will help you understand the options that you have in ensuring that your renovation is sustainable as possible. We will work with you in making decisions, and will take the time to explain to you what impact your choices can have, both on the environment as a whole, as well as to your individual world.

Formula Design Build, LLC, believes in creating by re-creating.
We make it a practice in every project to recycle and reclaim as many products as possible – not only building products, but also those contained within the building. We have adopted the standards of the U.S. Green Building Council in order to create and maintain a strong commitment to sustainability, to make our work more earth-friendly, and to ensure that you are satisfied with your project or renovation and are able to enjoy it for years to come. We simply wish to help you further your investment.

Formula Design Build, LLC, believes that communication is as important to our processes as the materials that we utilize.
We will listen to the needs of our customers and will offer ideas and suggestions based upon those needs. We will utilize current technology so that you are able to visualize the end result in advance of building. We will complete your project in a professional manner and will keep you updated in regards to any necessary changes. We believe that the “formula” to success is your needs, plus our ideas, with a focus on giving back to the environment. We understand that you are entrusting us with your home, and we are therefore focused on building friendships, as well.

Formula Design Build, LLC, practices what it preaches.
As we grew up on our dairy farm in northern Pennsylvania, we learned at very early ages the benefits of living off the land. We heard about the generations that came before us who operated farms without the benefit of electricity for many, many years. We strive to bring those values to our company – hard work, with the resources that you have, can produce a wonderful result. We strive to work hard for you, and at the same time, save whatever resources we can so that future generations may have more than we do.


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